Scam EXPOSED: Sunil Hamal, ILive Records Nepal Event, Bullman Records Jet Set PR

In today’s world, where mistrust and abuse are on the rise, it is crucial to be aware of cunning individuals who prey on unsuspecting victims. This blog post aims to shed light on the deceptive tactics employed by Sunil Hamal, Adita Hamal Neogi, and Tony Hamal, three of the main culprits, and their involvement in fraudulent activities related to the ILive Nepal Event, Bullman Records, and Jet Set PR (JPR) Events. We hope to protect innocent individuals from falling victim to their deceitful practices by exposing their schemes.

Unmasking the Hamal Network:

One prominent entity within this elaborate network of fraudsters is a concert-curating entertainment company operating under the name ILive Nepal. This network, led by Sunil Hamal, Adita Hamal Neogi, and Tony Hamal, has gained notoriety for creating a web of lies and deceiving unsuspecting people. Sunil Hamal is the driving force behind running this network.

Hence, it is important to be cautious of their fraudulent activities and protect yourself from financial and emotional harm.


The following social channels and email IDs are also controlled by this network:  

ILive Nepal Event: False Promises and Financial Losses:

Operating under the guise of an event management company, ILive Nepal entices individuals with promises of exclusive experiences and memorable events. However, numerous victims have fallen prey to their deceptive practices, resulting in disappointment, shattered dreams, and financial losses. Many participants and attendees have been left with a sense of betrayal as the events organized by ILive Nepal fail to live up to the grand promises made.

Bullman Records: Exploiting Aspiring Artists:

Bullman Records, another venture associated with the Hamal network, preys on the dreams and aspirations of aspiring artists. Promising to nurture and promote musicians, this record label has left many artists devastated and their hopes shattered. Through false promises, exploitation, and financial manipulation, Bullman Records has caused significant harm to the careers and well-being of these talented individuals. It is crucial for aspiring artists to be cautious and thoroughly research any opportunities offered by Bullman Records or similar entities.

Jet Set PR (JPR) Events: Deception Behind the Glamour:

Jet Set PR (JPR) Events, another part of the Hamal network, presents an image of glamour and sophistication and entices individuals with promises of prestigious connections and exclusive opportunities. However, beneath the glossy exterior lies a network of deception and fraud. Countless victims have experienced financial exploitation and emotional turmoil after engaging with JPR Events. It is vital to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before getting involved with any event organized by this group.

Sunil Hamal: The Mastermind:

Sunil Hamal, a prominent figure within the Hamal network, has become infamous for masterminding deceitful schemes. He employs carefully crafted narratives and persuasive techniques to lure people into his web of lies and dupe them of their money. His actions have caused huge distress to people, both financially and emotionally. Sunil Hamal has been actively involved in the music and event management niches, but there could also be other fields where he could be involved.

Sunil Hamal, along with Adita Hamal Neogi, and Tony Hamal, utilizing his persuasive skills, preys on unsuspecting individuals seeking success and lucrative opportunities, leaving many emotionally and financially devastated.

Despite his notoriety, Sunil Hamal founded ILive Records in March 2023, aiming to discover emerging talents in Nepal’s music industry. However, concerns have emerged regarding the practices and reputation of ILive Records under his leadership.  Similarly, Sunil Hamal established ILive Nepal in November 2022, organizing concerts in Kathmandu, Nepal, but disappointment has arisen due to false promises and mismanagement.

In the realm of fraudulent activities, Adita Hamal Neogi also emerges as an important figure within the intricate web woven by ILive Nepal. With a strategic command of manipulative tactics, Adita Hamal Neogi has played a pivotal role in ensnaring unsuspecting individuals. She capitalizes on the naivety of her victims, exploiting their innocence to fuel her own personal gains. Adita Hamal Neogi’s calculated involvement has undeniably bolstered the network’s success in scamming and defrauding countless unsuspecting victims.

In October 2021, Sunil Hamal founded IPOP STARS to promote Indian ipop girl groups, yet doubts persist about its impact and sustainability. Additionally, Bullman Records, founded by Sunil Hamal in March 2021 in Delhi, India, has faced criticism for unfulfilled promises and questionable practices. 

Serving as CMD/CEO of JPR Events in Singapore since January 2004, Sunil Hamal has encountered dissatisfaction with the execution and delivery of events and services. Throughout his journey, Sunil Hamal’s name has become synonymous with controversy and raised questions about his intentions and ethical conduct.

Legal Consequences and Victims’ Rights:

The fraudulent activities of the Hamal network have attracted legal attention, with cases registered against them in courts. Victims have the right to seek justice and hold the culprits accountable for their actions. It is crucial to support legal action against these fraudsters to protect the interests of victims and prevent further harm to individuals and the reputation of the entertainment industry.

Protecting Yourself: Tips to Avoid Falling Victim:

To protect yourself from falling victim to scammers like Sunil Hamal,  Adita Hamal Neogi, and Tony Hamal, it is important to exercise caution and follow these guidelines:

Conduct thorough research: Before engaging with any event management company, record label, or entertainment entity, research their credentials, reputation, and track record. Look for reviews and testimonials from previous clients or artists to ensure their legitimacy.

Verify promises: Be wary of extravagant promises that seem too good to be true. If something appears excessively lucrative or claims exclusive connections with renowned artists or celebrities, exercise caution and question its authenticity.

Read contracts carefully: Before signing any agreements or contracts, read and understand all terms and conditions. Seek legal advice if necessary. Be cautious of any unfair or exploitative clauses, such as excessive commission rates or long-term binding agreements.

Seek recommendations: Reach out to trusted industry professionals, fellow artists, or consumers for recommendations and referrals. Their experiences and insights can help you make informed decisions and avoid potential scams.

Report suspected fraud: If you suspect fraudulent activities or have fallen victim to a scam, report it to the appropriate authorities. By reporting such incidents, you protect yourself and contribute to the collective effort to combat fraudulent practices in the entertainment industry.


The Hamal network, consisting of Sunil Hamal, Adita Hamal Neogi, and Tony Hamal, has left a trail of shattered dreams, financial losses, and emotional distress through their involvement in fraudulent activities associated with the ILive Nepal Event, Bullman Records, and Jet Set PR (JPR) Events. We aim to protect innocent individuals from falling victim to their scams by raising awareness about their deceptive tactics. Stay vigilant, conduct thorough research, and report any suspicious activities to safeguard yourself and others from these cunning conmen.